Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow: Blizzard of February 5-6, 2010

Wow ... have we had a snowfall this weekend ... much more (and wetter, messier) than the snow in December.  We had better warning this time ... dh didn't have school on Friday ... so we were able to brace for it a bit (stocking up on essentials like baking supplies, SuperBowl snack-foods and beverages) and movies/books from the library.

Yesterday, the snow started early, but it was just above freezing so nothing was sticking.  Poor LegoManiac was sure we wouldn't have much at'all. 

Hah, was he wrong!

Here's a photo-essay of our day today ....

At 0630, we were getting a pretty good layer of snow on top of the snow from yesterday.  The temp hovered just below freezing all night, so the snow was pretty wet.  Our poor magnolia ... we didn't think it would survive December ... and we're pretty sure it won't survive February!
Still snowing at 0800 but time to start shoveling ... the bird-bath on the left and feeder just to the left of center are good indicators of snow amounts.
At 0900, I took a break from shoveling to get a picture of this bluebird trying to eat from the suet feeder ... after a few attempts, he gave up and we haven't seen them all day

At 1000, I realized, we never had a picture shooting toward the house ... I love how the dark house looks behind the winter-wonderland of the front yard.
At 1530 today ... we're getting a bit tired of the snow... See the power line drooping? It's our neighbor's line but it would be a real shame to lose power tonight!  You can't even see the Lake .... it's pretty much a white out around here.

A fellow teacher of Rick's stopped in to say howdy (his mom lives at the Lake) and we had a wonderful afternoon respite from shoveling and ate Hello Dolly Bars and drank tea.   At 1730, dh is outside shoveling again while I prep dinner .... we're hoping to get to Mass tomorrow but may not even be able to drive out of the neighborhood!  But, we're cozy and warm and have plenty to eat and drink and nowhere to go tonight and no one to worry about coming .... life is good and the snow is beautiful!

Hope you're having a lovely, cozy day, too! 

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