Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent 2010 ... and so it begins ...

Today, Wednesday February 17th, starts the Lenten Season for the Catholic Church.  The kids and I will go to morning Mass before co-op and not only receive ashes but also Our Lord in the Eucharist:  what a great way to start our Lent!

One thing I'm doing is the Commissioned by Christ's Lenten Challenge ... I have the calendar as my computer desktop image so I remember each and every day to do more for God and His people (and ultimately, more for the good of me!). 

Since we homeschool, it's quite fun for me to "do" Lent with my kids -- lots of time to read and discuss, to pray and think, to love and learn ... all with a focus, not on the secular, but rather on the ultimate target: a good life that leads us to eternal life.
Prayers for one and all during this Lent ... and please pray for me and mine if you have a minute!

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  1. I miss doing Lent with my kids-now it's just high schooler is arguing every step of the way. Sigh. Love your posts :)