Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review: The Gospel Truth: A Lectionary-Based Catechism for Adults

I'm always trying to find ways to help the kids (and me too, for that matter) understand the gospels.  We've got the Navarre commentaries, read the Magnificat and try to really listen to our parish priests ... but I'm still in search of something that I can use to really help me (and them) "GET IT"!

When The Catholic Company had The Gospel Truth: A Lectionary-Based Catechism for Adults as one of their review choices ... I snapped it up.  What could be better than a book that covers ALL the Sunday Gospels during the three-year cycle?  For each Sunday's gospel, Kenneth Ogorek includes:
  • the text of the gospel (using the RSV translation),
  • links to the Catechism and Church documents to further understand the gospel,
  • a thought-provoking question for me as well as a question for my children,
  • an implied suggestion for "taking it into the community" by way of a thought-provoking question,
  • other scripture readings (Old Testament prophecies, Psalms and Letters) that will help elucidate the gospel further 
  • a notation of where to gather more information from the Catechism for Adults
  • a "one-liner" from the gospel that I can reflect on for the week. 
I like the idea of this book.  I like the texts laid out in one place, the links to Church documents (particularly the specific Catechism paragraphs) and I like the thought-provoking questions.  I plan to use this each week with my kids ... reading them the Sunday gospel on Friday (so before they hear it at Mass) and then again on Monday (after they've heard Father's "take" on it) and seeing what kind of discussions and actions these generate.  I will use the "one-liner" as copy- and memory-work so they begin to "own" the scriptures.

I do have a quibble:  the author mentions that he tried to keep it simple and straightforward.  Well and good but then why didn't he give a chart for the three-year gospel cycle?  We are currently in Year C ... why didn't he put a chart that shows that Advent2009-November 2010, we are in Year C, Advent 2010-November 2011, we'll be in Year A, etc?  Instead the author suggests looking at the missalette or checking the bulletin -- this is a very clumsy way of knowing what year we're in when it would have been so easy to have included a chart.  As I said, just a small quibble!

This review was written as part of the Catholic book Reviewer program from The Catholic Company (where I received a free copy of The Gospel Truth with the promise to write a truthful review). Visit The Catholic Company to find more information on The Gospel Truth- A Lectionary-Based Catechism for Adults and to purchase the resources mentioned in this review. 

Ogorek, Kenneth (forword by Archbishop Donald Wuerl)-- The Gospel Truth: A Lectionary-Based Catechism for Adults.  2008.  E. T. Nedder Publishing (Tucson, AZ).  ISBN: 978-1-893757-53-0.  paperback 415 pages.

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  1. The author (me) greatly appreciates your review including the suggestions. God bless you in all your good work! Ken Ogorek (really) :)