Sunday, January 10, 2010

Prayers and a request, too ....

As Maureen mentions in her post, Regina Doman, a great Catholic, homeschooling mom, and author (yes, she is great at all three!) could use our help. 

Her 6-year-old son has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and the current state of their finances and medical insurance will make it extremely hard for this wonderful family to cover all the costs of insulin, treatment, etc. 

Regina is asking, first and foremost,  for your prayers. 

We are asking for you to buy her fabulous fairy tale books ... Kotch (my 18yod) LOVES these books.  They are fairy tales re-told in a modern setting with a great message behind them.  Geared for middle-schoolers and above, these books are great reads. 

Regina also edits the Catholic young adult series, JP High:

These, too, are fabulous reads. 

Please buy Regina's books for your own kids, grandkids, etc and ask your public library to purchase them.  Let people know about these great, solidly Catholic books. 

Regina's family would appreciate it!

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  1. Is it better if we buy them directly from her or is amazon okay?