Friday, October 2, 2009

Feast Day: Guardian Angels

Thanks to Waltzing Matilda, we had a beautiful image to color today ... String Bean used colored pencils and kept the coloring very soft and gentle, just like the picture!

Here's a craft we did today:

My kids made their very own Guardian Angels -- we'll hang them in near their beds as soon as they completely dry!  (BTW, LegoManiac didn't make one as he was a bit under-the-weather today and just lolled on the couch).

Here's how to make these foam angels:
The wings are made with the kids' hands and the angel bodies with their feet (heels together ... if they don't have socks on, you get a nice ripply skirt; if socks, the skirt is smooth).  Draw around the foam.  Angel heads were drawn using an upside-down (and empty!) yogurt tub.

The kids than decorated to their hearts' content -- lots of glitter paints were used, beads, ink, you name it!

We used a wooden craft stick between the wings and the angel body/head to stiffen a bit and make it a bit more sturdy -- our kids' Guardian Angels need all the support they can get.

Angel of God, my Guardian dear ... to whom, God's love commits me here
ever this day be at my side
to light, to guard, to rule and guide!

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