Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obedience ... my word for 2011 ...

As I've mentioned previously, my "word" for 2011 is "obedience" ... "docility to the will of God" .... "cheerful embracing of God's desires for me" ...

Sounds easy? 

Not if you were raised in the United States in the last half-century.  Americans are taught from cradle-to-grave to be independent, self-reliant, demanding what WE want.  If you are an American woman raised in the last half-century ... you've been taught: "you are woman, hear you roar", "it's your body and no one can tell you what to do to it", "you can want it all ... you can have it all can do it all".

If you notice, nowhere in that paragraph above is there anything about me submitting to anyone else ... let alone God.  Nowhere is there mention of allowing God to have His say in my life.  Nowhere is there even the suggestion that I would need anyone or anything else in my life.

What a load of cow manure! 

But this is what the "American dream" has become ... self-centered claptrap engendering chaos, discord and disunity.  Is this REALLY what we're meant to do here on Earth?  Is this really getting us what we want?

I'm thinking not.  I'm thinking that when I back off from my own desires -- not needs, but wants --when I submit to others, sacrifice for others, seek the needs of others, I am so much happier.  I have such a better day and go to bed with a clean conscience and a stronger love for all.   

THAT's why my word for 2011 is obedience -- docility to God's will and cheerful acceptance of where I am and who I am and what I am.  

The prayer card above I created to help me remember my goals.  I will put it on my laptop as my "wallpaper" so that every time I pass my desk ... or sit down to work ... or get ready to school the kids, I will think of this prayer and my need ... my desire ... my wish to bend my will to Him who created me. 

[A personal note:  This is a prayer attributed to St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits).  My father, God rest his soul, really liked this prayer and, furthermore, LIVED this prayer: May I be so blessed as he was.]

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  1. Inspiring as always. You forgot "you've come a long way baby" and "you can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan....". BTW, how do you make your own prayer card?