Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Christmas review ....

... just how did we do?

Dh:  relaxed and watched football (both college bowl and NFL) games ... enjoying the family and food (and even Max, who was his constant companion).  He also got a beautiful hand-knit cap from me for which he got lots of use since, altho we didn't get but a dusting of snow, it was COOOOOOLLLLLLDDDD (the winds were about 45mph coming off the Lake) around here.

While dh and Max watched football (and the kids came in and out), I relaxed by doing a 500-piece jigsaw all by myself.  Isn't this a lovely puzzle .... I rec'd it from a lovely friend!  It was so relaxing working away while the football games were playing in the background ... altho I kept getting confused on when it was a good thing or a bad thing since they kept switching from game to game!  I even put aside knitting to do the puzzle -- which took a few football-games' worth of time but is so very pretty.
The kids, too, had a wonderful Christmas ... all getting what they wanted and having lots of time to play and enjoy and share with each other.  [And only one calamity:  a toy BamBam rec'd from St. Nick was "kaput" an hour after he opened it ... it is being sent back today and dh took JP to get a "real one" after morning Mass!] We're also re-thinking the whole idea of giving a digital camera to LegoManiac -- granted St. Nick brought it but WE'RE the ones of whom he keeps taking less-than-attractive candids! But StringBean loves her dollhouse kits (she got two) so much she even cleaned off her desk in her room so she can start to work today on building the smaller of the two:  the Primrose and then move on to the Laurel!

We wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS SEASON .... which we'll celebrate till January 9, the Baptism of the Lord.  So .... off to party!


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  1. My parents gave MY Legomaniac a video camera for his birthday... I admit, I didn't like it much either ;)