Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Shopping: Plug for a store ...

Since I started having kids ... especially kids who believe in Santa (St. Nick, at our house) ... I've always taken full advantage of online shopping.  There really is nothing easier (especially if you homeschool and the kiddoes are ALWAYS around)!

I just wanted to put in a plug for Greenleaf Dollhouse Company.  String Bean has decided that she would like to start "doing dollhouses" ... not so much for the play-ability, but rather for the design and furnishing fun (I'm thinking she'll grow up to be a minitiarist or an interior decorator!).  Anyway, St. Nick has done TONS of research online and found the Greenleaf Dollhouse Company.  They make their kits here in the US ... have amazing customer service (I emailed to ask if the box came with ads on the front as the kids often bring in the packages -- I rec'd an email reply within 3 hours!) ... and great shipping (free and comes quickly).

Seriously, St. Nick ordered a couple of kits for String Bean (the Laurel and Primrose -- which can be a standalone or attached to the Laurel) on Wed the 1st and they were at our door today, the 3rd.  From all the comments online, the quality of the dollhouse kit is very good, the price is great and the chance to surprise my daughter on Christmas morning makes Greenleaf a company I will patronize again!

If you're in the market for a dollhouse for your daughter or son ... I highly recommend Greenleaf!

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