Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SAA Plans for 2010-11: for one and all ...

Well, here are the plans for the 2010-11 school year ... this is for Lego Maniac (6th grade), String Bean (5th grade), and Bam-bam (2nd grade); if there is no name after a text/note than that applies to all three:

Reading:  read-alouds keyed to history/science/whatever strikes our fancy.  I don't like to pre-plan read-alouds as I find that the good ones "find" us ...

  • First Sacrament prep -- Bam-bam (separate resource listing) -- his study will include extensive usage of the Faith Folders from Lapbooks for Catholics -- as well as creating his own missal and other activities similar to his sibligns' work)
  • bi-weekly Saint reports using Amy Welborn's books:
Foreign Language
    Well, that should hold us for now!  Most of the links above go to Amazon pages -- so you can at least look at what we're using.  If you purchase through those links, I do get a small commission (which is always VERY appreciated).  Another great spot for getting many of these items, a place that has prices just about as good as Amazon, that is Catholic and a worthwhile spot to support is Sacred Heart Books and Gifts.  Linda has wonderful customer service, has great prices and free shipping for orders over $25 (to the lower 48) .... what more could you want?  Let her know I sent you ... she's a real peach!

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