Saturday, August 28, 2010

Feast Day: St. Augustine of Hippo

Yesterday, we prayed to Saint Monica for the conversion of all our friends, relatives and benefactors.  Today, we pray to St. Augustine of Hippo, her son, for all those who have problems with addictions, problems with their lifestyles, and for their continued conversions to the Faith.

St. Augustine, after years of tears and prayers from his mother and the assistance of St. Ambrose (bishop of Milan), became a Christian, selling his property, giving the proceeds to the poor, and founding a monastery (now known as the Augustinians). He became a monk, priest, preacher, bishop, and Doctor of the Church.

I particularly like St. Augustine because he was a very human reprobate who repented and gave it all over to God -- surely a sign that we too, can give up our less than stellar lives and become what God would have us be?

St. Augustine of Hippo, pray for us!

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