Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent: Plans for Week 3

Plans for Week 3 of Advent 2009 in the heart of our home ... [please note:  for resource "codes", please see Week 1 plans]

Advent 2009 -- Theme for this year is Christmas Around the World ... here are the countries we'll be visiting

Chapter Book Read-alouds this week: 
The Cricket on the Hearth by Charles Dickens
Top o'Christmas Morning by Alta Halverson Seymour

Saint of the Day:

Sunday, Dec 13 -- Gaudete Sunday (3rd Sunday of Advent); St. Lucy
Monday, Dec 14 -- St. John of the Cross
Tuesday, Dec 15 -- St. Nino
Wednesday, Dec 16 -- St. Adelaide
Thursday, Dec 17 -- O Wisdom
Friday, Dec 18 -- O Lord
Saturday, Dec 19 -- O Root of Jesse
Sunday, Dec 20 -- 4th Sunday of Advent; O Key of David

Countries this week:  Colonial America, Mexico, Latin America, British Isles (Ireland, Scotland, Wales)

Sunday, Dec 13th -- feast of St. Lucy -- make St. Lucy Braid

Monday, Dec 14th -- St. John of the Cross (make hot gazpacho with homemade tortilla chips). DB: 15-16; W: 14-16 -- "Breads and Pastries", "The Christmas Dinner" and "The Battle of the Mince Pie"; Colonial America (CSRW -- pg 94-100).  Make shepherds for Nativity.  Jesse tree:  doorway of King Solomon's Temple.  Read part 2 of The Cricket on the Hearth.  Evening:  stories and hot chocolate.

Tuesday, Dec 15th -- St. Nino.  DB: 17-18; W: 18-20 -- "Significance of Exchanging Presents", "Santa Claus", and "Cherished Customs: Old and New"; Mexico (CSRW -- pg 40-45).  Make townspeople for Nativity.  Jesse tree:  Raven for Elijah.  Read part 3 of The Cricket on the Hearth.  Evening:  game and popcorn.

Wednesday, Dec 16th -- St. Adelaide (make German Christmas cookies).  DB: 19-20; Latin America CAW 96-116; Lankford 24-25.  Make angels for Nativity.  Jesse tree: bear for Elisha.  Start Top O' Christmas Morning (pg 7-40).  Evening: hot cider and stories.

[notetoday starts the chanting of the O Antiphons leading up to Christmas Eve.  We will shift from "saint of the day" to using our O Antiphon house and studying the each antiphonWe will also begin to get the house ready for Christmas -- clean house top to bottom, formal Nativity on the mantle, begin Christmas baking/treat-making for giving]

Thursday, Dec 17th -- O Wisdom.  DB 21-22; British Isles CAw 33, 76, 95; CSRW Ireland 24-31; JW 22-37, 79-102.  Make shepherds for Nativity.  Jesse tree:  candelabra.  Clean house from top to bottom.  Christmas Treat:  homemade caramel popcorn and pretzel kisses.  Evening:  performance and tea.

Friday, Dec 18th -- O Lord and Ruler.  DB 23-24 (finish). Lankford 16-17.  Jesse Tree:  lily.  Set up Nativity on Altar and move chairs for tree placement.  Christmas treat:  sweet and spicy nuts and candy cane crisps.

Saturday, Dec 19th -- O Root of Jesse.  Jesse tree:  tablet/pen. 

Sunday, Dec 20th -- 4th Sunday of Advent; O Key of David.  Jesse tree:  baby in manger.

We humbly beg You, O Lord, to listen to our prayers; and by the grace of Your coming bring light into our darkened minds.  You live and reign for ever and ever.  AMEN!

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  1. Great plans, Mary...sound very inspiring to me. We have loved sharing the O Antiphons each day.