Tuesday, June 1, 2010

For the knitters in the crowd ....

stand-up if you know I love knitting .... remain standing if you knew I had a blog just for my knitting stuff ... keep standing if you've checked out my By Hand, With Heart blog recently ... and finally, to the few of you who may be left, give yourself a warm and fuzzy if you've actually checked out my patterns at my Ravelry shop!

The reason for me asking these questions is that I've decided that with the start of June 2010, I am going to make a concerted effort to get my design backlog out to knitters everywhere.  I have YEARS of designs that have only seen the light of day amidst friends and relatives ... and that's just plain silly. 

If you check out my BHWH blog, you'll see some reviews of knitting books and resources, a few tutorials and resource listings, links to books with my designs in them as well as a couple of books of my original designs, and of course the link to the Ravelry store.  The cool thing about my Ravelry shop is that you can instantly download any of the knitting patterns you'd like -- some cost (nothing over $5.00) while some are free -- but all are pure "by hand, with heart"!

As I mentioned on the knitting blog this morning, I am aiming to upload at least three patterns each week in June -- so the shop will constantly be updated, so don't forget to check back.  And let me know which designs you like or would like to see uploaded.  Here's a peak at some of the designs you'll find at my Ravelry shop ....
"Hearts a Poppin' for My Boy" baby blanket
Red Hot Pocket Purse (with CellPhone "sweater")
So So Soft, So So Easy Scarf

Enjoy checking-out my patterns ... and remember to check back occasionally to see what other designs I will tempt you with!

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